Rise & Fall Phase IV from Rise & Fall

The short film is a chase around London. Gangsters, a mysterious suitcase and a femme fatale for an epic ending...

Directed by Shaun Nelson
Scenario written by Volkaniko & Shaun Nelson

Neurotransmission 1 - 3D Animation from Hemispheres

The 3D animation is an immersion into a neurone space, between cerebral and geographical hemispheres...

Graphic animation produced by DrawnbyRobots
Storyboard written by Volkaniko & DrawnbyRobots

Buy It Now (Or Never) - Short film from Consumer Spirit

The short film ironically imagines what the end of our consumer society may - or will - look like...

Directed by Shaun Nelson (Reverie Productions)
Scenario written by Volkaniko & Shaun Nelson

Music Composed, Arranged, Produced & Performed by Volkaniko
& 2010-2013 The Cedar Studio. All Rights Reserved.