Volkaniko is a self-taught independent electronic music composer, based in London.
Born and raised in Paris, of French and Lebanese descents, his influences span many genres while also being deeply rooted into his childhood and travels. His first passion as a teenager for mathematics progressively mutates into a passion for music.
With only a year of formal piano training, he then acquires his first synthesizer and starts to learn all musical aspects on his own: sound design, harmony theory, composition and production process. Beside his day engineering work, he transcripts and reproduces some orchestral soundtrack pieces without sheet music, which finally convinces him to move into making his own music.
He has a cinematic approach to sounds and composition. Each album is founded on a concept and a story which then drive the sound textures, beats and themes.
His debut albums, Hemispheres and Consumer Spirit, are composed simultaneously and are of radically different concepts and veins, they are both released in October 2010. At the same time, he founds his own private label The Cedar Studio; all his music is self- composed and produced without external assistance.
A 3D animation and a short film are released for these albums in 2011-2012, produced by artists in the UK, which allowed him to associate his passions for music, film and graphic design. In both cases he co-writes the concept and scenario.
His third album Rise & Fall is released in December 2012 and is based on a more orchestral approach. A stylish short film is produced for the album in the summer of 2013 and is being released in spring 2014, with Volkaniko as concept writer, scenario co-writer and executive producer. His current projects include new albums and live performances.